Oksal Yesilok | Graphics & Products



Oksal Yesilok (b˚1991) Turkish designer & illustrator. All of the visual works are created by Oksal Yesilok. His works are characterised, minimalist, different and elegant.


Utopa International Design Exhibition, Zhuzhou, 2017

40 x 40 Exhibition, Budapest, 2017

Toys for Small & Big Kids, Ljubljana, 2017

A' Design Award Exhibition, Milan 2016

A' Design Award Exhibition at Mood, Como, 2016


Technology & Art Festival | İzmir International Fair, 2018

International Industrial Design Fair, Shenzhen, 2017



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research project

2015 | DEU Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Department
Design Toys and "Whimsical" Playing Card Design as an Application Example.


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