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We willl do our best to make sure that you receive your product in perfect conditions: We use gloves during manipulation, we protect the posters with a greaseproof paper and we pack them with 1,5 mm thick postal tube.

  • Small size posters are shipped between 2 wooden plates.

  • The decks are sent in a large bubble wrap envelope or cardboard box.

payment & Shipping costs

Please note that any customs duties and taxes for overseas orders are the buyer’s responsibility to pay. The freight charge is divided into 3 different groups. You will receive a payment request form with the products you choose and the shipping fee for the country to be shipped.

We only accept payments through Payoneer. To do so, you don’t need an account and you’ll be able to pay with most credit cards.

  • Choose the products you’d like to purchase.

  • Mail a list of the product + the amounts you’d like to purchase to following purchase form.

  • Shipping & Handling Fee $22
    DHL , UPS or Fedex Fast/Express Cargo (Delivery within 5 - 10 business days)

  • A payment request form will be sent to you by Payoneer.



You can send an email to info@oksalyesilok.com to give your opinions or suggestions about the products.